Stacey Marchel, Camp Founder


Stacey Marchel is a true local with sand between her toes. She was born and raised at the Jersey Shore, in Margate NJ. After graduating Atlantic City High School and Philadelphia University, she moved to New York City and became a successful textile designer living the big city life but returned to her roots to raise her two boys, Spencer and Cameron.

Stacey became passionate about surfing after she took her first surf lesson with her son when she was 36 years old.  Her passion for surfing quickly grew into a lifestyle and since then, Stacey has traveled to various surf destinations including Nicaragua,  Costa Rica, Panama, Tortola and Mexico among others.

Stacey fulfilled her dream of introducing novice surfers to the healthy, fun and life-changing sport of surfing opening Stacey’s Surf Camp in 2008.

“Surfing has taught me how to overcome my fears and has given me a deeper level of appreciation for the ocean and all it’s power. It offers me great physical challenges and provides a spiritual happiness that I hadn’t encountered before. The lessons I learn in the water better prepare me to accept and embrace life’s waves.”

"Live your soul, not your role."
If your soul is happy it will have a ripple effect in your everyday life!